Free School Available!

Free Preschool Available! Kingdom Care has been approved to provide M.S.D.E. Preschool on site beginning August 28, 2023. Academic Time, Social Learning Time Daily. Free preschool is available for the 2023-2024 school year for children who have an I.E.P., or whose family speaks English as a second language or for children who live in a… Continue reading Free School Available!

New For Summer 2023!

We have purchased this Moonbounce for the students!

New For Summer 2023! On-Site Water Play Day and Moonbounce Playtime will happen on the same day weekly for the camp kids, with four water arch sprinklers each 6 feet in height! We have purchased this Moonbounce for the students! We have purchased this Dolphin water sprinkler! We have purchased this Finding Nemo 6 foot… Continue reading New For Summer 2023!

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