We give parents peace of mind knowing their children get the
high-quality care and learning they deserve.

Kingdom Care Childcare…

We offer childcare programs that focus on enhancing growth in all areas of child development, including social, emotional, motor, fine gross, and cognitive skills. We use developmentally appropriate ways that match the unique care needs and demands of children according to their age.

Programs we offer


We welcome families seeking a balance of education and classical childhood experiences, for children ages 4 and those with a late 5 year old birthday.


Get your child involved in various camp activities! Kids can attend camp one week, two or all summer! Camp offers hourly games


We offer before and after school program. At Kingdom Care, homework is completed right after school. Homework help is available every day. Students enjoy a quiet homework atmosphere, guaranteed!


We are always available to care for your child. Drop-in childcare is available on non-school days and scheduled two-hour early dismissal days.


If you want more information regarding our programs, please do not hesitate to call us at 240-486-5079. You may also send a message to our Contact Us page.